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The Mugi system provides great advantages for people who regularly use public transport in Gipuzkoa. It is based on a support payment and a common zoning, discounts staggered by use, transfers on favorable terms and the definition of common groups that receive bonuses.

  • Taxis of Gipuzkoa: 943 400 500
  • Radio Taxi Donostia: 943 46 46 46
  • Radio Taxi Vallina: 943 40 40 40
Hernani bus service: Download the schedule in pdf. (100 kb)
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Azpeitia and Azkoitia bus service for Añota cider house: Download the schedule in pdf (pdf, 1mb)

Zerain bus service: Download the schedule in pdf (20 kb)

Bizkaia and Araba bus service Sagardobus

San Sebastian-Zumaia bus service for the Hotel Aginaga Sagardotegia
- Line San Sebastián-Zumaia
- Download the schedule