The Basque Cider and the ship San Juan


Cider Association of Gipuzkoa and Albaola,  Basque Maritime Factory of Pasajes,through this tour package they offered the possibility to know the Basque culture linked to cider and the sea. In the sixteenth century thousands of Basque sailors went to Newfoundland each year on ships like the San Juan. Its main drink was cider, they carried three liters per crew per day; therefore, it was necessary to produce huge amounts of cider. As a result, cider became the main crop of our land.

itsasoa eta sagardoa


In the Albaola Maritime Museum you will see live the construction of the ship San Juan, a replica of a Basque whaler of the sixteenth century which was shipwreck in Canada in 1565 and was born in the same port where it is built today: in the Bay of Pasaia . This is a new concept of a human dynamic museum, alive and housed in the renovated and only shipyard, which never closes and can be accessed by sea. A multidisciplinary environment in which craftsmanship and history come together to get an overview of the maritime heritage and traditional crafts. It is a unique opportunity as you can see the process and progresse of the contruction of the ship and therefore, it makes every visit a unique moment. Witness the construction of the San Juan, symbol of UNESCO and one of the most unique projects of the Capital of the Culture 2016 San Sebastián, is an option that should take advantage of those magical moments that only happen once in your life …



After this trip by the VXI century and meet the adventures of Basque whalers we suggest you to step into the valleys of Gipuzkoa and ask for a table in a cider house … taste the different ciders, made with love and wisdom by different cider houses … pour your glass of cider directly from the barrel or kupela in the ritual of txotx; trying and enjoying the different ciders before being bottled, accompanied with the traditional menu of a cider house, and its variants … talk to the ciderman about the ripening of the apple … appreciate the qualities of this noble beverage and … share this experience with other diners in a great atmosphere of cordiality.



The package includes:


Cider houses to choose from:
  1. Aburuza (Aduna)
  2. Astarbe (Astigarraga)
  3. Calonge (Igeldo-Donostia)
  4. Iparragirre (Hernani)
  5. Lizeaga (Astigarraga)
  6. Oiharte (Zerain)
  7. Ola (Irun)
  8. Petritegi (Astigarraga)
  9. Rezola (Astigarraga)
  10. Saizar (Usurbil)
  11. Satxota (Aia)
  12. Zabala (Aduna)


  • Adults: 35€
  • Children: consult prices. (Children younger than 6 does not pay the Albaola’s ticket. The final price will be the addition of the entrance ticket and the children menu that the Cider House has).








1. Arranged in advance.

2. Prepaid.

3. Guided tours in Albaola and also in the cider houses. Consult prices.

4. Lagunages: basque, spanish, english and french.

5. Timetable:

– Albaola:

  • From October to Easter: 10:00-14:00 /15:00-18:00.
  • From Easter to September: 10:00-14:00/15:00-19:00.- Cider houses:
    • From January to December: 14:00-17:00 / 20:00-23:00