Natural cider - Characteristics


Natural Cider is a refreshing alcoholic drink, which comes from fermenting apple juice.

Sidra natural



Consumption Recommendatioins:
  1. Natural Cider should be preferably consumed within a year from its bottling.
  2. Once the bottle of Natural Cider has been opened it must be drunk.
  3. The drinking temperature must be cool, between 11 and 13 ºC.
  4. The bottle may have sediments, which disappear after shaking the bottle.
  5. It is sufficient to serve around 20-30 cm. in the glass.
  6. The glass for drinking cider must be wide and fine
  7. Only the quantity to be drunk in one swig is served.
  8. It accompanies any dish very well.
  9. It is a refreshing drink, ideal for drinking all year round.
Recommendations for Preservation
  1. Keep in a cool place (14-15ºC).
  2. Cool it preferably under running water

Spanish legislation

Order 1 dated 1 August, 1979, Cider Regulations:

Definition of Natural Cider: cider produced following traditional methods, without the addition of sugars, containing exclusively endogenous carbonic gas. Its acquired alcohol content will be higher than 4 degrees.

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